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Steve Thompson is a health, safety, insurance, and risk management consultant. He is the President of Aspen Risk Management Group, an employee-owned consulting company - dedicated to providing effective business improvement strategies for commercial, non profit, and government clients. He is an innovator and leader in risk management, performance management, safety and health, and business improvement.

He is a presenter on industry-specific topics such as “Increasing Sales through Value Added Services,” and is a published author of articles such as: “The Non Profit Guide to Commercial Insurance” and “A Shareholder Solution to Workers’ Compensation.” He is the co-author of “Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Midsized Companies” (Wiley Publications)

Steve has also served in Risk and Safety Management positions for small, medium, and large companies, and he spent time on both the carrier and insurance agency/broker side of business. He is the former program coordinator for the Occupational Health and Safety Program – Extended Studies at San Diego State University, where he also served as adjunct professor for eight years. He has a long track record of working to improve businesses through his founding of the Workers’ Compensation Training Consortium, and the creation of an Employee Culture and Ideas Survey. Steve is involved with numerous industry-related associations, including serving as a Coach and Facilitator with Polestar, an insurance industry performance improvement company. 

He is a speaker and consultant to various industry groups, and has been instrumental in assisting numerous non-profit organizations increase their revenue through various technology strategies. He has helped hundreds of companies improve their business operations, human resource functions, and safety/health programs. Earlier in his career, Steve served in the Air Force as a medic, and later worked as an Emergency Room Nurse. 


For the past twenty years, he has been active in teaching, research, administration, consulting, medical/nutrition, and non-profit work.  In 2000, he founded Aluett Corporation to assist non-profit organizations in developing new ways of capturing corporate donations through the Internet.  In 2003, he created the Workers' Compensation Training Consortium, a group dedicated to improving the outcomes of injured workers by qualifying and training workers' compensation personnel.  He has developed curriculum and taught courses in ergonomics and wellness, business operations, risk management, culture and behavior-based safety, and leadership.  His research interests are in the foundation and practice of risk management, health and nutrition, and leadership innovation.  For example, in his research of the landmark Intracorp/Gallup studies (the findings revealed “quantitatively how satisfaction with employer communications affected return-to-work outcomes for ill and injured employees,” 1994, 1997, 2001), he developed and implemented innovative management education programs to improve business environments and work cultures for his clients.


He is the author of Outliving Polycystic Kidney Disease (work in progress) and Basics of California Workers’ Compensation and Safety (a 2001 corporate publication), and twenty articles and reports on the subject of leadership, safety, health, insurance, and risk management.  His leadership and administrative experiences include serving as the Coordinator for Occupational Health & Safety Programs (Extended Studies) at San Diego State University, Manager at Zenith Insurance Company (a major US workers’ compensation insurance company), President of the San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association, and Director of Operations for the Pacific Safety Council (formerly the San Diego Safety Council).  As an entrepreneur he founded Aluett Corporation in 2000, and currently is producing his first music CD.  He has served in various leadership capacities with numerous non-profit organizations.  He initiated technology and Internet efforts for the American Society of Safety Engineers (San Diego), and the San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association – helping them generate corporate donations through Internet sponsorships.


As a consultant and manager, he has applied decision and risk analysis to many leadership problems of private industry and government.  Incorporating techniques from such disciplines as culture, behavior, and multimedia, he has helped hundreds of companies improve their business operations and human resource functions.  He was the first to bring to Zenith Insurance Company alternative medical care techniques (Esgoscue, Active Release, and Montgomery) for the treatment of repetitive strain disorders, and he developed leadership programs for clients based on the pioneering work of Noel Tichy (Teachable Point of View).


He has served on several internal and external committees and panels – assisting in employee recruitment, developing performance appraisal guidelines, employee wellness, and assisting in the design of multimedia projects for marketing.



Professional Experience


Aspen Risk Management Group, San Diego, California

January, 2005-Current


Aspen Risk Management Group, an employee-owned consulting company, is dedicated to providing effective business improvement strategies for commercial, non profit, and government clients.  It's primary goal is to save lives, prevent injuries & illnesses, and protect its clients from harm.


President - Responsible for strategic planning and vision.


o    Quickly becoming the best known risk management service firm among insurance agents and carriers


o    Created the "Safe People -- Safe Places" annual service plan


o    Hired key staff and partnered with highly qualified independent contractors to deliver risk management, safety, and human resources services





G.S. Levine Insurance Services                                                                                     

Strategic Insurance Partners, San Diego, California

March, 2003-January, 2005


G.S. Levine Insurance Services is a leading San Diego insurance agency providing insurance and risk management solutions.

Strategic Insurance Partners is an independent risk management services company providing safety, health, and risk management consulting.


Director, Risk Management Services - Responsible for the development of risk services products and consulting for both organizations.  


o    Developed appropriate methodology to effectively deliver risk management services


o    Provide training and education seminars to businesses in subject areas: workers' compensation, safety and health leadership, ergonomics, and risk management principles


o    Introduced comprehensive and holistic safety and health strategies


o    Implemented effective multimedia training techniques


o    Promote and focus insurance industry to utilize compassion and caring in the treatment of work-related injuries



Zenith Insurance Company, San Diego, California                                                                                     

August, 1994-August, 2001


Leading workers' compensation insurance carrier servicing 30,000++ (2001) clients, $620 million in revenue (2001) and total assets of $1.5 billion (2002).


Manager, Safety & Health Department - Responsible for leadership of staff (6), management of department, account management/customer service for 2600 clients, and $41M in premium.  Joined Zenith as a Safety & Health Consultant and promoted to Manager.  Left organization in August, 2001 to spend time with family and develop additional projects.


o    Department achieved superior financial results and client outcomes


o    Initiated and directed department through technology enhancements and leadership principles


o    Developed and implemented a Customer Database Management system


o    Introduced innovative safety and health strategies such as risk mapping, behavioral and cultural-based safety, and workplace fitness


o    Conceived and implemented effective multimedia training techniques (incorporating customers and their employees).  Coached department staff on principles and techniques


o    First to bring alternative medical care methods to Zenith for the treatment of injuries



Pacific Safety Council (formerly San Diego Safety Council), San Diego, California

November, 1992-August, 1994


Non-profit corporation founded in 1953, and Chapter of the National Safety Council with $200,000 in revenue (1993).


Director of Operations - Hired into a newly created position to plan and direct general operations and resolve fiscal problems.  Managed staff and volunteers (20).



o    Company achieved positive net income for fiscal 1993 - the first positive gain since 1987.  Increased 1994 net income by 460% over 1993


o    Introduced new product lines (computer software, and emergency equipment)


o    Created and organized new fundraising efforts, including a Silent/Live Auction



Medi-Ride, Inc., Los Angeles, California

November, 1991-November, 1992


Multi-unit, privately owned transit company with $10 million in revenue (1992), maintaining a fleet of 250 vehicles at multiple maintenance facilities.  Company merged with Laidlaw in 1993.


Director, Risk Management - Brought on board to a new position to design and implement programs to contain spiraling liability and business costs.


o    Initiated and developed an Emergency Action Plan focused on business survival


o    Reduced the annual (1992) renewal cost of workers' compensation by 43% ($575,000) and vehicle insurance by 25% ($126,000)


o    Reduced the per-claim cost of workers' compensation claims by 70%


WIS International, San Diego, California

May, 1989-September, 1991


Second largest nationwide inventory service company, and former division of Huffy Corporation (from 1988 to 2000) with $80 million in annual (1991) sales, 130 office locations and 5,000++ employees in 38 states.  A 1988 acquisition by Huffy, now owned by ONCAP, LP.


Risk Manager - In a newly created position after the acquisition by Huffy.  Designed and developed risk control programs which reduced liability exposures and insurance costs.  Full risk management responsibility for 38 states and $3 million of direct costs.


o    Reduced workers' compensation costs from $2 million (1988) to $1.5 million (1989/90)


o    Produced contemporary safety training video - WIS SAFETY TODAY


o    Received Huffy Corporation's President's Exceed Award



Premier Products, Inc., San Diego, California

December, 1986-May, 1989


Largest manufacturer and installer of window products in San Diego with three factories and fifteen construction crews.  1989 revenue of $30 million.


Health and Safety Manager - Hired to a newly created position to oversee safety functions for two of three facilities and 600 personnel.


o    Implemented OSHA, EPA and other regulatory and record keeping procedures


o    Reduced workers' compensation frequency by 85%, and costs by 80%



Instant Care Center of America (now part of Tenet Healthcare), San Diego, California

Kaiser Permanente Hospital, San Diego, California

April, 1983-May, 1986


Licensed Vocational Nurse - Emergency Department


United States Air Force, Riverside, California

April, 1979-April, 1983


Emergency Medical Technician & Licensed Vocational Nurse 




Southern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science

Insurance Institute of America, Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

University of Southern California, Certificate Safety and Health Management

OSHA Training Institute, OSHA 10 & 30 Outreach Trainer (Construction and General Industry)

Pacific Safety Council and API, Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS)

State of California, Licensed Vocational Nurse (1982 to 1999)

National Registry of Emergency Technicians, EMT-A (1981 to 1986)


Teaching Experience


San Diego State University, Occupational Health & Safety Program, Extended Studies (also responsible for curriculum design and course implementation).  The Occupational Health and Safety program (founded by Daniel Hopwood in 1992) had a 5-year life expectancy, which actually ran from 1992 to 2001.  In addition to teaching duties, I assumed the program coordination role from Dan in 1999.  Courses taught:


Culture and Behavior-Based Safety                                         04/14/01 to 06/07/01

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    05/03/01 to 06/14/01

Principles of Risk Management                                               01/07/01 to 02/14/01

Occupational Ergonomics & Wellness                                    04/12/00 to 05/17/00

Culture and Behavior-Based Safety                                         03/07/00 to 04/11/00

Principles of Risk Management                                               01/11/00 to 02/15/00

Culture and Behavior-Based Safety                                         10/07/99 to 11/11/99

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    10/05/99 to 11/09/99

Supervisor’s Role In Safety Management                                09/08/99 to 11/24/99

Principles of Risk Management                                               01/12/99 to 02/16/99

Human Resources Health and Safety Management               01/06/99 to 03/24/99

Supervisor’s Role in Employee Safety                                       10/28/98 to 02/03/99

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    09/10/98 to 10/15/98

Achieving a Total Safety Culture                                             04/02/98 to 05/07/98

Achieving a Total Safety Culture                                             03/03/98 to 03/31/98

Facilities and Asset of Safety Management                             01/14/98 to 02/18/98

Principles of Risk Management                                               01/02/98 to 03/02/98

The Economics of Safety & Health                                           11/05/97 to 11/26/97

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    08/26/97 to 09/30/97

Facilities and Asset of Safety Management                             04/14/97 to 05/18/97

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    11/04/96 to 12/09/96

Principles of Risk Management                                               10/16/96 to 11/18/96

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    05/06/96 to 06/17/96

Principles of Risk Management                                               01/09/96 to 02/13/96

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    10/25/95 to 12/06/95

Facility and Asset Safety Management                                   03/21/95 to 03/22/95   

Basics of Risk Management                                                     01/15/95 to 03/15/95   

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    09/15/94 to 10/20/94   

            Current Issues in Occupational Health & Safety:                     06/14/94 to 06/15/94

(A Panel Discussion)

Basics of Risk Management                                                     05/03/94 to 06/07/94   

Facility & Asset Safety Management                                       05/17/94 to 05/18/94   

Non-Employee Safety Related Concerns                                11/17/93 to 11/18/93   

Basics of Risk Management                                                     09/07/93 to 10/12/93   

Fundamentals of Safety Management                                    05/04/93 to 06/08/93   

Non-Employee Safety Related Concerns                                01/16/93 to 01/30/93   


University of California, San Diego, OSHA Training Institute


Guest Lecturer – Issues in Workers' Compensation                              1999

Guest Lecturer – Issues in Workers' Compensation                              1998


Miramar College


Guest Lecturer In Business Program "History of Risk Management”     06/20/91


Teaching Experience – Seminars & Workshops


Client Consulting/Training (partial listing)


“Safety Leadership for Supervisors,” K-Tube Corporation                                             10/05

“Basics of Workers’ Compensation & Safety,” Telecare Corporation                          2000 and 2001

“Safety Leadership 2001,” co-presenter – Signet Armorlite                                           07/02001

“Managing and Changing Behavior,” McDonalds (San Diego franchises)                03/15/00

“Bloodborne Pathogens,” San Diego Unified Port District                                           06/03/00

“Safety Leadership Today,” Silkroad                                                                             04/16/00

“Safety Leadership Program,” Telecare Corporation                                                  09/10/99

 “Actively Caring for Safety,”  Dynamic Instruments, Inc.                                            08/10/98

“Ergonomics & Actively Caring for Safety,” Bob Baker Enterprises                               08/11/98

“Prepare for the Quake,” co-presenter – Pacific Safety Council (PSC)                        04/13/97

“Emergency Preparedness & Planning,” Ray Cook Golf                                             02/24/97

"Five Star Safety Leadership Training," LSG Lufthansa Service SKY Chefs                       02/13/97

“Accident Investigation/Reporting for Supervisors,” Sweetwater Authority                06/19/96

“Earthquake Safety Preparedness & Planning,” Pacific Safety Council                       04/12/96

"Five Star Safety Leadership Training," Neighborhood House Association                    10/27/95

"Supervisors Development Training - Safety Training & Safety Inspections,” PSC          09/16/95

"Workers' Compensation & Safety Training," Fallbrook Golf Club                                07/15/95

"Safety Management Workshop," City of Hemet                                                         06/07/95

"Accident Investigation and Reporting," Cytel Corporation                                       04/26/95

"Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Training," Internal Corporate Training                  10/10/94

"Bloodborne Pathogens - Hospital Environment," Exproserv Unlimited                       09/10/94

"Workers' Compensation - Employer Strategies for Success," Pacific Safety Council   08/30/94

"Supervisor's Development Workshop” (Americans with Disabilities Act,                    08/11/94

Sexual Harassment, and Coaching for Enhanced Performance,

San Diego County Office of Education                                                                      

"Supervisor's Development Workshop,” Ocean Hills Homeowners Association           08/03/94

"Safety Management Today," Meeting Services Incorporated                                    07/27/94

"Earthquake and Disaster Planning," Sea World of California                                     06/07/94

"Earthquake Preparedness and Planning for Disaster," Staefa Control Systems          04/06/94

"Workers' Compensation & Claims Handling," Sweetwater Authority                         02/09/94

 “Incentive Program Success," Corporate Communications                                      10/17/93

"Safety Management for Supervisors," Neighborhood House Association                   09/28/93


Internal Corporate Training - Medi-Ride, Incorporated                                             11/91 to 11/92

"Workers' Compensation & Fraud Prevention"

"Business Risk Management"


Internal Corporate Training - Washington Inventory Service                                     06/89 to 09/91

"Accident Prevention Techniques"

"Workers' Compensation"

"Drug and Alcohol Testing"

"Back Injury Prevention"

"Risk Management Techniques"

"Hazard Communication - Right to Know"


Internal Corporate Training - Premier Products, Inc.                                                  06/87 to 06/89

"Basics of Hazard Communication"

"First Aid & Treating Minor Injuries"

"Basics of Lifting and Carrying"

"General Safety Practices"


Conference Papers/Speeches/Interviews


“Basics of Workers' Compensation,”                                                                          03/30/05

Speaker for Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Program, Pacific Safety Council


“Phases of the Safety Process,”                                                                                  01/04/05

Member of Discussion Panel, San Diego American Society of Safety Engineers


“Advanced Techniques for the Safety Professional,”                                                  05/04/04

Member of Discussion Panel, San Diego American Society of Safety Engineers


“Greatest Lessons in Achieving Safety Success,”                                                         03/11/04

Annual Meeting of the Pacific Safety Council


“The GREAT! Safety Leader Within You,” Annual Meeting of Sea World of California 02/19/04


“Surviving the Crisis in Workers' Compensation,” Economic Business Conference     01/29/04

(Conference Sponsor: Poway Business Park Association)


“Safety Techniques of Workers' Compensation,” San Diego Business Community      05/09/03

(Conference Sponsor: G.S. Levine Insurance Services)


Creating Safety, Health, and Environmental Leadership,” Annual Meeting              02/19/03

(Meeting Sponsors/Attendees: Orange County Chapters of:

American Society of Safety Engineers, and the American Industrial Hygiene Association)


“Building Safety Leaders,” Pacific Southwest Safety Annual Conference                    04/17/01

(Conference Sponsors: Pacific Safety Council, Federal Safety Council,

American Society of Safety Engineers, and the American Industrial Hygiene Association)


“California Workers’ Compensation:  2001 and Beyond,”                                           02/08/01

San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association                                                                                        


“Emerging Health Care System in America” American Society of Safety Engineers   02/23/96


“Bloodborne Pathogens,” San Diego County Medical Society Annual Conference   03/14/95


“Empowerment of Safety Committees," American Water Works Association Annual

Conference                                                                                                                 10/12/94


"Safety Training," presented to American Electronics Association Annual Meeting     05/26/94


"Workers' Compensation," Painting and Decorating Contractors Association of

America                                                                                                                       08/17/93


“State of Safety in California,” Radio Interview – National Public Radio (NPR)          04/23/93


Published Articles


Thompson, S.T.,  (2004, November).  An insurance guide for non profit organizations.  Internet:  Thompson | Currier, 43


Thompson, S.T.,  (1999, November).  Treating a strained back.  NCDA, 43


Thompson, S.T.,  (1998, December).  What is the anti-aging formula.  The Adjuster, v11, 15-17


Thompson, S.T.,  (1998, January).  1997 year in review, 1998 year in preview.  The Adjuster, v11, 10, 12


Thompson, S.T.,  (1997, December).  Is the system failing.  The Adjuster, v10, 7


Thompson, S.T.,  (1997, November).  Why the insurance industry gets failing marks for image.  The Adjuster, v10, 18


Thompson, S.T.,  (1997, October).  The aging population and its impact on the insurance industry.  The Adjuster, v10, 7-8


Thompson, S.T.,  (1997, April).  April is California Earthquake Preparedness Month.  NCDA


Thompson, S.T.,  (1996, November).  Preventing workplace violence.  NCDA


Thompson, S.T.,  (1996, June).  Getting top management commitment.  NCDA


Thompson, S.T.,  (1996, January).  1995: Headlines from the year in safety & workers’ compensation.  The Adjuster, v8, 12


Thompson, S.T.,  (1995, Fall).  You’re in the driver’s seat.  NCDA


Thompson, S.T.,  (1995, July).  Top five insurance scams.  The Adjuster, v8, 32


Thompson, S.T.,  (1994, February/March).  Earthquake safety: preparing to survive.  National Safety Council Communicator, 3


Corporate Articles/Books


Thompson, S.T.,  (2001, April).  Controlling Asbestos Related Exposures in the Automotive Repair Industry.  Safety Connection, 4, 6


Thompson, S.T.,  (2000).  Basics of California workers’ compensation and safety.  San Diego, CA:  Self-Published


Thompson, S.T.,  (1998, January).  Healthy web sites.  Safety Connection, 2


Thompson, S.T.,  (1997, May).  Treating a strained back.  Safety Connection, 3


Thompson, S.T.,  (1995, Summer).  Creative nail design:  Achieving safety success.  Safety Connection, 1


Thompson, S.T.,  (1995, January).  Summary of Assembly bill 13:  Tobacco products in enclosed places of employment.  Safety Connection, 2


Thompson, S.T.,  (1994, November).  Risk management techniques – preventing workplace violence.  Safety Connection, 1




Shultz, J., Thompson, S.  (2000).  Zenith insurance company  [multimedia CD-ROM].  San Diego:  Zenith Insurance Company.  (co-produced, designed, and directed this 7 minute marketing CD-ROM [done in Astound] for Zenith Insurance Company – San Diego Branch)


Molezion, A.  (1998).  Michael Reyes:  I am that man [videocassette].  Los Angeles:  Mozon Entertainment.  (participated as an extra in this music video)


Thompson, S., Sanchez, R., Cloud, M.  (1997).  Safety – we have landed [videocassette].  San Diego:  Cloud Productions.  (co-produced and directed this 8 minute safety video for LSG Lufthansa SKY Chef)


Thompson, S., Huber, C., Cloud, M.  (1996).  Safety:  what’s in store for you! [videocassette].  San Diego:  Cloud Productions.  (co-produced and directed this 10 minute safety video for Mid-west Convenience Store Association)


Thompson, S.,  Huber, C., Cloud, M.  (1995).  Safety – you’re in the driver’s seat [videocassette].  San Diego:  Cloud Productions.  (co-produced and directed this 10 minute safety video for San Diego New Car Dealers Association)


Thompson, S., Cloud, M.  (1990).  Safety today [videocassette].  San Diego:  Cloud Productions.  (produced and directed this 8 minute safety video for Washington Inventory Service))


Published Work (in progress)




Hopwood, D.G. and Thompson, S.T.,  (estimated publishing date January 2006).  Spotlight Series: Safety and Health for the Human Resources Professional:  Harbor Light Press


Thompson, S.T.,  (estimated publishing date June 2006).  Outliving Polycystic Kidney Disease.  San Diego, CA:  Xlibris




Thompson, S.T.,  (estimated submission March 2006).  The teachable point of view on safety consulting.  Risk Management


Community Involvement and Professional Affiliations



Workers' Compensation Training Consortium

            Founder of this group that is dedicated to improving the outcomes of injured workers by qualifying and training workers' compensation personnel.


San Diego Insurance Adjuster's Association

            Past President                                                                                      1999 to Current

            Chair, Information Technology                                                           1999 to 2001

            President                                                                                              1998

            Vice President                                                                                      1997

Treasurer                                                                                              1995 to 1997


Pacific Safety Council (formerly San Diego Safety Council)

            Volunteer and Instructor                                                                     1992 to Current

            Auction Committee                                                                            1995 to 2000

            Board of Directors                                                                               1992 to 1999

Vice President, Member, Special Activities Committee                      1993 to 1997

            Vice President, Member, Community Awards Committee                 1993 to 1997

            Vice President, Marketing and Training                                               1992 & 1993

            Vice President, Finance/Audit Committee                                         1993

Coordinator, San Diego Mardi Gras Fun Run & Walk                         02/27/94

Developed Annual Birthday Celebration and Auction (fundraiser)    1993 & 1994


Conference Speaker/Presenter                                                                       1990 to Current

            (Leadership, Workers’ Compensation, Health Care, & Technology)


Member, American Society of Safety Engineers                                              1989 to Current


Member, American College of Health Care Executives                                 1995 to 2000


Helix Water District                                                                                          1995

            Volunteer (WATERUN ‘95)


American Diabetes Association                                                                      1994

            Volunteer (Tour-de-Cure, 1994 & Walktoberfest, 1994)


Westwood Club (City Community Services)                                                   1994

            Volunteer (Rancho Bernardo Family Safety Fair (April 16, 1994)


Internal Corporate

Performance Appraisal Committee (Zenith Insurance Company)     12/07/94 to 12/01/95

Chair, Zenith Safety and Wellness Committee                                    01/01/96 to 01/01/97


Current Projects


Change Artists

In the spirit of Joe Dominguez and Vicky Robin's Your Money or Your Life, and Marsha Sinetar's Do What you Love, the Money Will Follow, Change Artists strives to perpetuate the philosophy of simplicity and self-efficiency, and dedicated to helping people follow their dreams, desires, and life passions.  Some quests include traveling from accountant to photojournalist, banker to video producer, and corporate administrator to master landscaper.  For some, the transition may mean a total career change.


Music CD


Etienne  (scheduled release date:  June, 2007) Mix of euphoric jazz


Self-help Book


Becoming a Change Artist (scheduled publishing date:  October, 2007)




“Member of the Month” San Diego Insurance Adjusters Association (for many years of dedicated service to the insurance industry)  April, 2000


“Champion of Safety Award”  (for exceptional leadership and teaching activities in the community) City of San Diego and Pacific Safety Council.  1997


“Instructor Award,” (for professionalism and commitment to the San Diego community), Pacific Safety Council  1996 to 1997


“Outstanding Service Award,” (for dedication and continued support) 1995


 “Four Years Dedicated Service,” Pacific Safety Council  1993 to 1994


“Volunteer Award,” (for leader within the safety and health community) Pacific Safety Council  1994


Huffy Corporation

“President’s Exceed Award”  (for implementing corporate wellness program)  1990

“President’s Award”  (for special contributions in year 1989)  1990


Physicians & Surgeons Hospital, National Medical Enterprises

            “Certificate of Award”  (for exceptional performance)  1986


US Air Force

            Honorable Discharge  04/23/82

Longevity Service Award

Good Conduct Medal 04/24/79 to 4/23/82

Letter of Appreciation  (for dedication and professionalism)            10/09/81

Letter of Appreciation  (for dedication and professionalism)            06/24/81

Letter of Appreciation  (for initiating life-saving measures)               12/22/80

Letter of Appreciation  (for actions above the call of duty)              09/11/80


Continuing Education


Machine Guarding Safety Training/Certification (Protech Systems)                            05/16/01

The Four Roles of a Leader (Stephen Covey)                                                               03/14/00

Essentials of Leadership (multiple speakers, including Ken Blanchard, Bob Nelson,   11/08/99

and Stephen Covey)                                                  

Machine Guarding Certification (Protech Systems)                                                    08/18/95

Insurance Marketing (Zenith Corporate Training)                                                        02/25/95

Insurance Underwriting (Zenith Corporate Training)                                                    05/18/95

Insurance Auditing (Zenith Corporate Training)                                                          07/27/95

Beginning Excel for Windows - New Horizons Computer Learning Center                 11/18/94

Business Ethics (6 hours) – Zenith Insurance Company                                                 11/18/94

Time Management Skills (6 hours) – Zenith Insurance Company                                 10/19/94

Disaster Prevention and Business Recovery (8 hours) – Willis                                       04/06/92

Customer Service in the 90's (16 hours) – Huffy Corporation                                       11/05/90

Leadership for a Changing World (16 hours) – Huffy Corporation                              04/12/91

Essentials of the Risk Management Process (12 weeks) – ARM Program                     1990

Essentials of Risk Control (12 weeks) – ARM Program                                                  1990

Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health – USC                                           12/03/87

Behavioral Science: A New Approach to Accident Prevention – USC                        12/01/87

Recognition of Occupational Health Hazards – USC                                                  10/23/87

Management & Adm. Skills for the Occupational Health Professional – USC             10/16/87

Standards, Codes & Regulations – San Diego Community College                          1989

Industrial Health Hazards – San Diego Community College                                       1988

Introduction  to Occupational Safety – San Diego Community College                   1988


Self-paced Education

            Fluent in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage, Explorer


            Fluent in Astound, and various multimedia, video, music, and photo software


Military and Medical Training Summary


United States Air Force                                                                                                4/79 to 4/83


            Non-Commissioned Officers Training (25 hours)                                              3/82


Basic Military Training (6 weeks)

                        Drug and Alcohol Abuse (3 days)

                        Ethics (5 days)

                        Moral Leadership (4 days)

                        Military Procedures (1.3 days)

                        Protection of the President (.1 days)

                        Information and Security Program (.3 days)

                        Espionage, Sabotage and Terrorism (1.3 days)

                        Standards of Conduct (.5 days)

                        Military Law (4 days)

                        Law of Armed Conflict (1 day)

                        Additional Air Force & Military  Regulations (2.8 days)


Medical Service Specialist (240 hours)                                                            7/79 to 11/79


Additional In-service Training:                                                                         5/81 to 1/83

Aeromedical Evacuation (3 hours)

                        Airway Management - Basic (50 hours)

Airway Management - Advanced (20 hours)

                        Asthma (10 hours)

Basic Electrocardiography (7.5 hours)

Blood Transfusion (10 hours)

                        Burn Management (3 hours)

                        Cardiovascular Access & CPR (22.5 hours)

Chemical & Radiological Casualty Management (2 hours)

Chemical Warfare Defense (6 hours)

                        Code (Emergency) Protocol (16 hours)

                        Code Management (18 hours)

Decontamination (4 hours)

Disaster Response (24 hours)

                        Head Trauma & CPR (26 hours)

Infection Control (26 hours)

                        Infectious Diseases of War (8 hours)

                        MAST & CPR (24 hours)

                        Multiple Trauma with CPR (14 hours)

Non-Traumatic Eye Emergencies (30 hours)

                        Orthopedic Injury Management (3 hours)

                        Triage (4 hours)

                        War Psychiatry (3 hours)

                        Wartime General Anesthesia (3 hours)

                        War Wounds (4 hours)

                        Wound Shock Management & Resuscitation (3 hours)